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Fighting Wire Fraud Charges

Federal Wire Fraud Defense

Wire Fraud AttorneyThe name “wire fraud” may seem pretty confusing, but the concept is pretty simple, albeit broad. The law defines wire fraud as trying to scheme or defraud others out of money or property under false pretenses by means of electronic communications, or, “wires.” Because the internet is so wide, wire fraud generally involves “interstate” matters making it a federal crime. If you’re charged with wire fraud, you could be looking at enormous fines, incarceration time of up to 20 years, or both. South Carolina takes these cases very seriously, meaning you should immediately hire an experienced South Carolina Federal Wire Fraud Attorney who can handle cases involving:

  • Fraudulent insurance claims
  • Bond issuances and investment schemes
  • Falsifying loan applications
  • Check fraud schemes
  • Bribes or kickbacks
  • False advertising or misrepresentation in sales transactions

We have a great deal of experience representing clients, from all walks of life, in these major federal criminal cases or investigations that involve wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, and RICO violations.


We are aggressive in our negotiations and, if it comes to it, courtroom trial. Many times, bank fraud can also include wire fraud as the wiring of money has been used as a means to deceive individuals or businesses. The transferring of money to an offshore account to hide illegal doings can lead to extremely serious federal criminal charges, which we are adept to defending. Our experience and familiarity with prosecutorial techniques allows us to have the experience and effective legal representation that we are known for as federal wire fraud attorneys. We will work tirelessly to have your charges reduced, or even dismissed.